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                                  Teal Farm - Innovator In Residence Program
Living Future Foundation offers qualified applicants room and studio space at the magnificent Teal Farm, for periods ranging from two weeks to two months.  Recently completed, Teal Farm supports transformative work in the fields of design, philanthropy, the creative arts, technology, and new enterprise.  Every element at Teal Farm--from the materials used, to the agricultural master plan, to the expert craftsmanship, to the living-systems engineering--is founded upon a vision of human culture as a progressively creative and life-enhancing presence.
At this important time of cultural re-invention, Living Future encourages work that considers a systemic perspective and integrates many fields of knowledge. The thoughtfulness and refinement of Teal Farm’s design complements conscience-based innovation, and people who are passionate about creating a progressive future will find themselves very much at home here.
Six sound-insulated bedrooms, basement studio space,  and gracious common areas facilitate meditative work and quality interaction in the 8000-square-foot farmhouse. Additional larger work space is available in the house basement gallery and in the Energy Barn. Those developing renewable technologies may use our existing system to test and incubate prototypes.
Teal Farm’s 1300-acre mountain watershed, just 30-minutes outside of Burlington, VT,  is a rarefied atmosphere of abundant natural beauty. It is an ideal place for innovators to take their work to the next level and to cross paths with like-minded colleagues in an environment that supports enlightened thinking, integrity, and aesthetic excellence. For more information about Teal Farm and Living Future Foundation, please visit our websites.
Top photo credit: Birdseye