Teal Farm - Huntington Vermont
Teal Farm - Communities


Teal Farm is rich in natural communities and native species. Colorful sugar maples, nesting bobolink, and thriving monarch and milkweed populations are but a few of the native inhabitants. To better understand the flora and
fauna of the farm we have mapped all of the natural plant communities and have surveyed for breeding birds and dragonflies. Our goal is use of these data to better understand the ecological systems that occur on the
Farm and to insert this understanding into innovative and sustainable design, striving to invent processes and products that support life and its greater diversity
rather than deplete it. 

The Farm is home to bear, moose, deer, fox, coyote,
mink, otter, beaver, bobcat, fishers, weasels, rabbits, etc. Our management plan, with significant input from renowned wildlife biologist Sue Morse, specifies special techniques for maintaining the forest for its animal communities. Property manager Paul Goodhouse, for example, manages field edges for grouse habitat and has established a mowing regime
to maximize monarch and bird breeding habitat.

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