Teal Farm - Huntington Vermont
Teal Farm - Electricity

Teal Farm Energy Barn - Huntington Vermont

Given the complexity and state-of-the art nature of our electricity design, it can be installed in additional phases, or left as-is. Recently-completed Phase I includes:

  • 15 KW grid-tied solar photovoltaic array
  • 20 KW generator able to run on biodiesel
  • 6 inverters that convert DC generated power to conventional 110 volt AC power
  • Fiber optic infrastructure for real time data collection of on-site natural resources, campus-wide WIFI wiring in place.
Sunnyboy inverters
Sunnyboy inverters convert solar DC to AC; Generator room

The system is also engineered to accept:

  • Extensive additional solar expansion to the converted barn rooftop, and to rack mounted solar cells.
  • Small wind turbine (6-15 KW)
  • Battery bank for back-up power when the grid goes down to create and
    ‘islanded’ system
  • Ground source heat pump using abundant renewable electricity for heating water during the shoulder seasons (spring and fall).

Our system suggests a new model of regional energy production where multiple, interconnected “islands” of generation employ overlapping clean renewable technologies to: a) meet regional demand; b) export to the greater connected system when warranted; and c) draw from the greater system when needed.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Energy efficiency and conservation are central to creating a perpetual energy future
based on renewables. In keeping with this tenet, Teal Farm buildings and residences are designed to never waste electricity or heat. By using day-lighting, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs, passive refrigeration and heating and efficient appliances and motors throughout, we have matched our electricity demands to our on-site power production and will meet, with the addition of extra solar panels, a battery bank, and a wind turbine, all our electricity needs with excess at predictable times of the year. Similarly, the super-insulated walls (R-40) and ceilings (R-60) in the Farmhouse and Energy Barn are an essential component of the heating system. Thick adobe and concrete floors radiate
heat and naturally drive convection (the natural circulation of heat) from their thermal mass. Heat recovery ventilation units throughout the Farmhouse transfer the heat from outgoing to incoming air, keeping the air quality high inside its well-insulated envelope. Finally, a web-interfaced sophisticated control system directs heat only to occupied rooms to further conserve energy. This online control system can be accessed,
monitored, and controlled from anywhere in the world.
adobe and radiant heating tubes
Local adobe and raidiant heating tubes under all wood-covered floors, super-insulated walls using closed-cell polyurethane.